MesoLIFT Skeyndor Mesoscience

As we age, facial skin becomes thinner, less elastic and unable to rebuild itself as quickly. Facial muscles become weaker, skin loses its luster, and collagen and elastin production decrease.

In reality removing or improving the lines and wrinkles on your skin is all about the rebuilding and retightening of the skin’s surface collagen.

Skeyndor MesoLift will help restore collagen, treat all skins imperfections and even lift skin to give you a younger more youthful appearance.

MesoScience MesoLift is non-surgical facial rejuvenation with NO needle mesotherapy.

This treatment is formulated to create a continuous “lifting” feel for the skin. The product contains who phials that produce multiple “lifting” effects of progressive intensity (micro and macro-lifting) at different levels of depth, which, once united in sequence, lead to a noticeable “lifting” sensation in three dimensions which has lasting effects.

Internal Lifting or Micro- lifting: Biopeptides that modulate mechanic functions of the skin- two new generation peptides work in synergy to relax tension lines and soften features.

External Lifting or Macro-Lifting: Low molecular weight collagen hydrolysate- hydrolysed marine concentrate to saturate the extra- cellular matrix and improve the supportive properties of the dermis (extra-cellular lifting). During this part of the treatment, we will apply to face and neck our Multipolar Radio Frequency to enhance skin tightening effect.

Each 1-hour sessions begins with a thorough cleansing, followed by  enzyme or AHA peel, Micro- lifting  and Macro-lifting combined with Multipolar Radio Frequency session on your face and neck. Treatment will be finished with a mask.

Skeyndor MesoLift

Active Ingredients include:

• BioPeptides – Work to relax lines and soften facial features

• Aminopropane dihydrogen phosphate (“APPA”) – Active cellular messenger that stabilizes and complements the action of modulating bio peptides. Stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and reactivates the collagen synthesis, creating a “lifting” effect

• Marine based ingredients – Help improve the supportive properties of the dermis, help regenerate, repair damage, stimulate collagen production and offer maximum hydrating power

• Medium molecular weight oat polysaccharides – Solution of oat sugars that join the lipids of the skin and start an intermediate lifting effect (lipolifting)

• High molecular weight soy proteins – Solutions of chemically modified proteins that join the proteins of the skin, causing a superficial lifting effect (proteolifting)

MesoLift Anti-aging Treatment Plans

Depending on the condition of your skin and what result you are trying to achieve you may need anywhere at least six sessions once a week. Maintenance sessions are recommended once every 4-6 months.

• MesoLift Benefits

• Lifts skin – reduces sagging

• Skin looks super-hydrated and more supple

• Restores collagen – gives skin a supple appearance

• Reduces pore size

• Smoothens skin – eliminates wrinkles

• Reverses skins aging process

Skeyndor MesoScience Lift Summary

Meso-Lift treatment formulated to reduce skin sagging and recapture your facial youthful essence

Post Treatment Advice

• Drink more water every day. It would serve few purposes e.g. flushing out toxins, as well as keep your skin well hydrated and glowing

• Don’t disregard MesoLift maintenance phase. Maintenance treatments are usually schedule every 4-6 months

• No heat/sun exposure, saunas, Jacuzzis, heavy exercise, lymphatic drainage massage for 24-48hrs post treatment. Use recommended skin care regime