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Pedicure season is officially here!

How to keep your pedicure looking great until your next appointment Pedicure season is officially here! While we recommend that our clients come in once every 4 weeks for a pedicure, around week 3 most people notice that their feet aren’t looking the greatest, but aren’t quite ready for their next appointment either. We often […]

Eminence Organic

Last week we wrote about what makes a product truly “green” and some common misconceptions surrounding “green” or organic products. So, with all of the myths, information and product lines available, which green product line do we trust the most? Beata and Tanya have both used Eminence Organic skin care products regularly since 2003, when […]

The Green Way

Over the past decade, “greenwashing” has become more prevalent in both the household products and beauty industries. With this positive trend has come a lot of confusion. A quick search online will result in thousands of articles all arguing something different, revealing product ‘scams’ and a host of product lines claiming to be genuinely organic, natural […]

Safe Pedicure Procedures

In our earlier post, we outlined some of the dangers of not having your pedicure done at a sanitary spa, or a spa that does not follow sanitation procedures properly. This week, we’ll be answering a question asked by both our regular clients, and new clients looking for a new spa to call home; “What […]

Why SPF Matters

With Reading Week and March Break in sight, thoughts turn to vacations, lying on the beach and making time to the hit the gym to be sure you look your best in that bathing suit. In your trip preparation be sure to find time to learn about the consequences of sun damage and purchase a […]

Your relaxing pedicure could turn into a nightmare

With pedicure season just around the corner, we wanted to take the time to let you know that when it comes to pedicures, not all spas are created equal. While you’re sitting back, relaxing in the massage chair as an aesthetician paints your toes one of the colors from the newest spring collection, what’s happening […]

Serums vs. Creams

Our aestheticians get asked all kinds of questions when working on their clients. In this FAQ series, we’ll beanswering some of the most commonly asked questions. FAQ #1: What is the difference between a serum and a cream? Do I need to use both? What’s the difference between face cream and a specialized eye cream? […]

Give the gift of Jet Peel

Article originally posted in the Oakville Beaver on February 10, 2010. Give the gift of Jet Peel skin-rejuvenation this Valentines Day By Kelly Mencfeld Because I have always had, let’s say, not so perfect skin, I was skeptical when I first learned about the Microdermabrasion with Jet Peel service that the Beauty Institute and Day […]

Hair removal using light

Investigations (Anderson et Al) has clearly demonstrated that a flash of high intensity light penetrated through the epidermis, is absorbed and assimilated in the hair bulbous region, and acts as inhibitor to the hair follicle through temporarily temperature rise and agglutination. The follicle has several parts that interest us. Dermal papilla – The dermal papilla […]

Massage Therapy at Beauty Institute

Our Registered Massage Therapists are available on the following days: Kathy RMT – Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays Susanne RMT – Thursdays Martin RMT – Fridays & Saturdays Massage Therapy services, which are performed at our spa by Registered Massage Therapists, might be completely or partially covered by your work Health Insurance. Check your benefit coverage booklet. Therapeutic Massage 30min $60 Therapeutic Massage  60min $85 Therapeutic Massage  90min $125 […]