Jet Peel take me away

Article originally posted on the Weekender Blog.

by Rachel Pugh

At 31 years old, I know I should start doing something to my skin. Chemical peels scare me, I don’t feel ready for Botox, and Noxema just isn’t cutting it anymore. Spending hundreds of dollars on face washes, moisturizers, night cream, etc., I just don’t feel loyal to any brand — mainly because I never see any results. And then my friend Dawn told me about the latest treatment in skin care. She gave me very few details but said only that I had to do try it.

“We’re going for the Jet Peel,” she stated.

I have to admit that I don’t scare easily, but the sound of a Jet Peel intimidated me at first. It sounds invasive, as though the procedure would quickly peel a layer of my face off in record speed. This, I thought, sounded less than enjoyable. I’ve grown rather fond of my face in the last 31 years and I had no intentions of stripping off any layers of it, nor did I feel comfortable with the thought of me leaving with my face scarlet red and having to endure some down time. But how could Dawn steer me wrong? She would have told me if it was going to be horrific and, knowing how busy my schedule is, she would not tell me to go on a Friday afternoon if I had to sit around my house the rest of the weekend due to a nearly raw post-procedure face. This must be safe and with only trust on my side, I made my way to the Hazleton Health and Wellness Center in Hazleton, the only place in Pennsylvania to perform this procedure. It was brought to Pa. by Dr. Albert Alley, board certified by the AAFP and diplomat of the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

As I met my aesthetician, Vanessa Wanick, I instantly felt relaxed as she explained this all-natural procedure that combined oxygen and vitamin infused saline applied at a very fast speed. She explained it as gently “pressure washing” the face, reaching the dermis layer and unclogging pores, diminishing acne, scars, wrinkling, or problems with pigmentation. She explained how I would have a facial first using Physiodermie products followed by the comforting Jet Peel. I was ready for the experience and tucked my hair in a cap, lied down and let Vanessa do her magic.

The first step was cleansing and hydrating, which felt fantastic as she massaged the Physiodermie cleanser all over my face. She then applied the toner to rebalance my skin and bring it back to my natural Ph level. This, too, was relaxing and refreshing and my face already felt cleaner. The third step was the actual Jet Peel which involved cold saline with vitamins and oxygen. Using the Jet Peel machine, Vanessa slowly applied a very cold combination of oxygen and saline with vitamins all over my face. I informed her of my problem areas so she could concentrate there and using a device similar to a very small hose, Vanessa gently sprayed the mixture all over my face in a slow back and forth motion. I could have stayed there all day, and I asked her if she could do this to my face every single morning. The instant sensation was nothing short of stark cleanliness and I have never in my life felt my face cleaner. Directly after she stopped the Jet Peel, I felt like I could run a marathon: I was refreshed, wide awake and ready to start the day — and this was at 4 p.m. in the afternoon. The last three steps included the Bio Gommage (which removes dead skin cells), the Bioarome which is a serum that acts like a medicine to close pores, and finally the moisturizer designed for oily skin (that’s my skin type) to help prevent blackheads.

The entire procedure took about 40 minutes from beginning to end. No needles, no redness, no down time. If I wanted, I could have put my makeup back on directly following, but I wasn’t about to apply anything to my spanking new face — or at least that’s how it felt. I thought it odd that something so relaxing could awaken me so much, and if I could do it to my entire body, I would certainly sign up for that. Conveniently, Vanessa informed me that the Jet Peel can be used for an all over body experience. Sold to the women who is in love with the Jet Peel. Safe enough to use every five days, I’m at least going to try to go monthly to start. That, or I’m going to become best friends with Vanessa and convince her to drive Wilkes-Barre every week to apply the Jet Peel. I’d even cover her mileage if I had to.

Upon leaving, I instantly called my mom and informed her we’re going together so she can experience this latest from of technology that is not only 100 percent natural, but also — get this — works. Even better, it’s located right her in NEPA at the Alley Medical Center, Hazleton Health and Wellness Center, 50 Moisey Drive, Hazleton. The procedure costs $75 and isn’t not available anywhere else in Pennsylvania, so best to jet over there now to experience it for yourself. Trust me, there is nothing intimidating about this procedure unless you’re taken back by a sparkling clean face and remarkably refreshed feeling.

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