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Hyperpigmentation is a universal skin concern. Even if you’ve never had a blemish in your life or have smoother skin than a baby, the majority of us will deal with some kind of uneven pigmentation in our lives. An increase in melanin production or activity is sure to result in small deposits in the dermis and epidermis at some point. It could be post-inflammatory pigmentation from any injury to the skin such as acne scars, dark spots related to UV exposure or aging skin, melasma caused by hormone fluctuations, or more. Hyperpigmentation is the last bastion on the quest for flawless skin and, finally Eminence has the natural, safe solution. Hydroquinone is a chemical compound that has been the standard for results in pigment lightening for many years. But recently the formula has been banned in Europe, Australia and Japan because of its proven carcinogenic effects. Not only does it function by killing pigment cells, studies have shown the formula to cause dermatitis and irritation, degenerate collagen and elastin, and cause DNA mutations.

The US still allows products with up to 5 concentration of hydroquinone, but Eminence can do better with a natural alternative that offers the same results while nourishing the skin. Eminence is excited about adding a solution for hyperpigmentation into the VitaSkin Vitamin Solutions roster that already includes complete skin care regimes for acne, anti-aging and rosacea. Eminence complete Bright Skin Solution includes the revolutionary Natural Hydroquinone Alternative, Gigawhite for a plant-derived lightening boost, alongside Eminence famous stone crop and bearberry. The daily regimen includes a nourishing milk cleanser to brighten and soften the skin while infusing with pigment lightening properties, a masque to deeply treat and target dark spots, and a daily moisturizer with SPF 30 that will help fade hyperpigmentation while preventing further damage and new pigmentation. Add Eminence Calm Skin Vitamins to the mix for an even complexion from the inside out, and your skin will be luminous with clarity. Step by step, bright and even skin can be yours.

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Add a daily dose of the Calm Skin Vitamins for even better results.

It’s a new plant-derived lightening solution from Eminence Organics VitaSkin Vitamin Solutions roster

A Natural Alternative to Hydroquinone: How it Works

Pigment producing cells called melanocytes are responsible for the changes in tone and coloration in our skin, so effecting the production and activity of these cells is key to relieving hyperpigmentation. The combination of African potato extract and tara tree in our Natural Hydroquinone Alternative has been proven to have the same inhibiting effect of the original chemical compound, but without damage or irritation. African potato has been used traditionally as a medicinal plant in South Africa for treating and healing multiple diseases. With tara tree to support its delivery to the skin cells, the complex inhibits the activity of the enzyme responsible for the production of melanocytes. Plus it imparts antioxidants to scavenge for free radicals that cause damage and promotes collagen synthesis for additional radiance and elasticity in the skin. We’re not sure it gets any better than that.

Even Skin Tone from the Inside Out

Our revolutionary VitaSkin Vitamins are beauty supplements that support the function and result of each skin caresolution, so it’s no wonder they offer even more benefits than we originally planned for. The anti-redness and anti-inflammatory properties of our Calm Skin Vitamins help to relieve blotchiness and prevent inflammation that can cause hyperpigmentation, making them the perfect complement to the new Bright Skin Solution. Take one supplement each day for a boost of clarity to show off your natural, even skin tone.