Detox – Renew – Infuse
Fortify Skin with Detoxifying Microgreens Complex

If you live in an urban area, environmental pollutants can wreak havoc on your health – and your skin. Designed to combat the aging effects of free radical exposure, the Microgreens Detox collection nourishes, protects and repairs skin while helping shield it from further damage. This three-piece capsule collection can help all skin types cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify with the healing powers of potent microgreens.

Microgreens and Anti-Pollution Skin Care

What are microgreens?
Microgreens are tiny vegetable greens. Microgreens are the middle stage of plant growth, bigger than a “sprout” but smaller than a “baby green.” Well known in the culinary world for their high potency of antioxidants, microgreens are a superfood. Harvested at just the right time, the planthas had enough time to mature and develop potent nutrients without entering into the juvenile plant growth stage, which has a stronger, denser structure.

What are the topical benefits of microgreens?
The Detoxophane derived from Swiss cress sprouts has dual topical benefits. First, it activates enzymes in the skin that naturally detox the complexion by shedding “old” skin cells. Simultaneously, Detoxophane enhances the resistance of skin cells against environmental pollutants.

The combination of microgreens, which we call the “Detoxifying Microgreens Complex,” protects the skin against oxidative damage and visible signs of aging.

How do microgreens help offset skin damage caused from pollution?

If you’ve ever experienced that pore-clogged, greasy-skin feeling after a day in the city, you know the effects that pollution can have on your skin. Smoke, soot, acid and other pollutants penetrate pores, causing inflammation, premature aging, dryness, congestion and hyperpigmentation. The natural antioxidant power of microgreens helps strengthen the healthy cells against free radicals, reinforcing the skin’s own protective barrier against environmental stressors. Microgreens also stimulate the body’s production of enzymes that help skin cells combat against the damaging effects of pollution and sun radiation.

The Microgreens Detox collection addresses the three key ways we can combat environmental pollutants:
Cleanse away impurities
Oxygenate and invigorate
Detoxify and fortify

Is the “anti-pollution” skin care trend really a trend?

We’ve seen an increase in skin conditions over the past year as a result of exposure to more pollutants in the environment, particularly with clients in urban areas or more extreme climates. The “anti-pollution skin care trend” is not a trend: it’s a pattern that will continue to evolve. This firsthand observation and market demand inspired us to develop the Microgreens Detox collection, to address the impact of pollution on the complexion and keep skin healthy, glowing and beautiful.

Stone Crop Cleansing Oil
Restore balance and remove impurities.

Bring balance back to the skin and remove impurities with this non-greasy cleansing oil packed with microgreens. We have paired balancing, moisture rich sunflower and jojoba oils with brightening stone crop to deliver dewy, soft skin after every use. Use alone, or as a makeup remover in a two-step cleansing process.

Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant™
Brighten and invigorate with light fizzing action.

This powder-to-foam exfoliant uses potent microgreens, rice flour and adzuki powder to give skin a gorgeous, youthful glow. The refreshing fizzing action delivers oxygen to the skin, stimulating its natural healing functions while stone crop brightens and rice flour with adzuki powder gently buffs and smoothes the surface. Skin is perfectly cleansed and gently exfoliated leaving it invigorated and softened.

Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment
Revitalize and detoxify for a radiant glow.

Wake up to revitalized, radiant skin with this lightweight gel cream treatment infused with melt-in jojoba oil beads. Worn overnight, this treatment helps prevent water loss and supercharges skin with vitamins and minerals for a dewy complexion. Layered under a moisturizer, it delivers daytime detoxification and defense against environmental stressors.


“What’s a Fizzofoliant?” Fizzing + Exfoliant = Fizzofoliant, an exfoliant that fizzes! Éminence Organic Skin Care is committed to continuously innovating our natural, organic and Biodynamic® ingredients in new ways to deliver the most effective skin care products. Shake the dry product into the palm of your hand Add a few drops of water to activate immediately Apply to the face in circular motions as the powder starts to fizz Be amazed with immediate softening and brightening results.

Ingredient Spotlight: Microgreens

You might have had them in your salads or soups – microgreens are tiny superfood seedlings harvested early for their high antioxidant content. But did you know those same greens are incredibly good for your skin? Here’s the scoop on the green wonders you’ll find in our latest collection.

Broccoli, Radish and Clover Sprouts
The potent blend that makes up our Detoxifying Microgreens Complex contains twice the amount of Vitamin C found in tomatoes and more beta-carotene than carrots. This antioxidant blend protects from free radicals and helps combat the effects of pollution.

Swiss Cress Sprouts
A key component of our Detoxifying Microgreens Complex, Detoxophane is naturally derived from another microgreen – Swiss cress sprouts. These powerful sprouts protect skin from oxidative damage and the visible signs of aging.