NEW TO THALGO, triple correction of skin slackening with SCULPT ACTIVE TECHNOLOGY for tensing and firming all skin structures.

SCULPT ACTIVE TECHNOLOGY combines 2 Molecular Complexes, Marine Silicium Complex with a Plankton Complex, to fight against skin slackening!

High Performance Firming Cream, with SCULPTOLIFT, a professional active ingredient with exceptional restructuring and firming powers to correct loss of firmness and reshape the silhouette.

Stomach and Waist Sculptor, combining SCULPT ACTIVE TECHNOLOGY with ZINGIBER, to eliminate deeper fat in the abdomen, as well as reshape and refine the waist.


  • stimulates the growth of keratinocytes and fibroblasts
  • activates the synthesis of dermal fibers and cohesive proteins
  • regenerates the support and anchorage structures of the skin
  • corrects loss of firmness and firms the tissues.

Thus tensed the skin regains its elastic adhesion capabilities. It restructures and tightens.