Patented Marine Mesolift.

Marine Mesolift

Genuine Bio-Regenerative infusion to boost cell metabolism and preserve the skin’s youthfulness.

Concentrates contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids which improve skin tissue, even out skin, correct colour irregularities, fight against accelerated ageing and add density to the skin.

Dermal bio-regenerative performance has been demonstrated with dermal equivalent in vitro tests:

  •  Significantly stimulates cell vitality +12% & cell metabolism
  •  48 hours after marine mesolift +373% collagen synthesised by fibroblasts
  •  72 hours after marine mesolift +121% Elastin synthesised by fibroblasts

Rénovation Radicale

Latest dermatological discoveries highlight that malfunctioning sebocytes gradually upset the balance and quality of skin and with time create severe surface irregularities. For these resistant problems, THALGO Laboratory & a scientific committee of Dermatologists, has developed:

  •  Exclusive Patented Complex Néo-Skin
  •  A Beauty Treatment and a Range of Prescription Products
  •  An Outstanding Study Programme
    • 28 clinical evaluations. 320 volunteers with deteriorated skin quality. In vitro tests, tests in real conditions of use, Biometrological clinical measurements, tests of non comedogenicity, evaluations under dermatological control of the treatment protocol (real conditions – clinical measurements), tolerance tests.

Patented Neo-Skin

Associates three powerful extracts, Buchu Leaf extract and 2 algae extracts, that target the metabolic origin of sebocyte dysregulations for radical renovation of skin quality.

M-Ceutic Mesolift Marine Instrumental Cosmetics are:

  • The simplified form of professional technology for safe personal at-home use.
  • High performing because they reach deeper layers of the skin than cosmetics (which work only on the most superficial layers of the skin).
  • Provide non-invasive action that can prevent the need for some surgical procedures and their associated side effects (hospitalization, recovery time, healing process, etc.).
  • Scientifically proven results.
  • Pure concentrated technology based on unique patents.