The Thalgo Prodige des Oceans L’Essence, the prestigious serum was launched in 2015 to celebrate Thalgo’s 50th year anniversary

In May 2017, Thalgo launched complete range of Prodige des Oceans by adding a face cream, mask and body cream as well as an ultimate face and body treatment – Ritual.
Based on the Thalgo’s exclusive patented ingredient RMI (Regenerative Marine Intelligence) which offers ultimate revitalization and total youthfulness, this range is much more than just anti-aging because its actions are preventive as well as corrective.
It has long been known that proteins are the basic building blocks essential to life itself, not just the skin. Thanks to its unique composition of bioactive sea water, marine stem cells and a macro algae, RMI provides 63 elements – rich in minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, fatty acids, sugars, and amino acids – which act at the heart of the cells where life begins.
Using a latest scientific research tool called “proteomics” which refers to the study of proteins, Thalgo was able to prove that 197 key proteins in the skin were reactivated after only 7 days.
The end result? Intense multi-dimensional actions on the skin texture, evenness, vitality and radiance yielding total rejuvenation!
For this reason, the target clients for this range are broad encompassing males and females of all ages who are seeking an extraordinary experience both from the home care products and face and body spa ritual.
With the Prodige Des Oceans, we have the best of both worlds – marine nature and science.
Let the sea take care of you!