Yon-Ka’s new ultimate restructuring anti-wrinkle duo Stimulastine Jour & Stimulastine Nuit. Falling into Yon-Ka’s Age Correction category, this ultimate twin treatment is designed to reduce the span and depth of wrinkles.

As we age our dermis begins to thin. The elastin fibers break up, become smaller in number and eventually deteriorate. This leads to a loss of skin elasticity, assists the formation of fine lines and eventually in turn, wrinkles.

Yon-Ka research shows that Elastin should be cared for in 3 ways:

  • By protecting it
  • By stimulating its synthesis
  • By preserving its quality

The purpose of the Stimulastine duo is to protect our own elastin while helping to stimulate its synthesis and quality. It is a restructuring wrinkle remover that acts on the whole elastin sequence for a 3D result on wrinkles, while smoothing the skin and enhancing its radiance.

Stimulastine Jour is a silky, fast absorbing cream which is applied in the morning to the face and neck, leaving a hydrating film designed to nourish and prevent water loss. It contains an ingredient called boswella extract which is proven to stop the breakdown of elastin. Shea butter gives this cream richness and helps repair and protect the skin, while soy peptides stimulate our fibroblasts to produce collagen. Furthermore, the orange blossom helps to regenerate our own skins elasticity. This day cream is packed with antioxidants with 92% of ingredients of natural origin and completely paraben free.

Stimulatine Nuit is a smooth and comforting cream and is applied in the evening to the face and neck. It has a richer consistency and is designed to feed the skin while we sleep. The skin regenerates much faster at night than during the day and without a targeted night cream can be difficult to rejuvenate aging skin. Dill extract helps regenerate the functionality and quality of elastin network and reinforces the skin’s structure. The yeast extracts boost elastin fibers, while the camellia oil and shea butter nourish and soothe the skin. This cream targets nutrition, wrinkles, radiance and hydration using 93% of ingredients of natural origin and completely paraben free.

Both of these products are now available to purchase at Beauty Institute and Spa. In addition, Yon-Ka have also introduced a new Facial incorporating the Stimulastine products, called Vital Elastin, which is also already available at our spa.