Yon-Ka Anti-age Innovation

The ultimate restructuring anti-wrinkle duo and facial treatment is available at our spa now:

VITAL ELASTINE facial treatment

Restructuring / Smoothing anti-wrinkle facial with new exclusive face stimulastine mask*

Duration: 75 min


Stimulastine JourAnti-wrinkle – Anti-elastase with boswellia

Stimulastine NuitAnti-wrinkle – Elastine with dill

Comes in 50 mL airless bottle with pump

3D results on wrinkles: up to 64% less wrinkles

For more info about these new Yon-Ka products visit this blog.


VITAL ELASTINE’s effectiveness is enhanced by the extra active ingredients in the new professional mask-compress, STIMULASTINE ELIXIR:

– beech buds rich in amino acids, peptides and flavonoids,

– restructuring and regenerating silicon and horse tail,

– acerola, an anti-oxidant and natural source of vitamin C that prevents signs of aging

– ginseng, which contributes to the skin’s elasticity and vitality

– bacopa monniera, calming and anti-free radicals

– moisturizing fucose and vegetable glycerin.