iBeauty Hydration Corrector – 45min

An ally of deeply dehydrated skin, this treatment diffuses Hyaluronic Acid and Sève bleue from the Oceans into the heart of the cells, while the encapsulated Oxygen restores skin to its original clarity. Ultrasound technology thus restores the skin’s natural hydration reflexes.

>> Goals:
• CORRECT the skin’s level of hydration.
• REPLENISH the skin in-depth.
>> Target:
• Anyone looking for a short but effective treatment to restore an optimum
level of hydration to the skin
• Anyone with dehydrated and tired skin

In a minimum amount of time, the synergy of iBeauty and marine cosmetic technologies provide your thirsty skin with the latest generation hydration antidote. The skin is fresh, bright and intensely hydrated, from the very first session.
iBeauty Hydration Corrector treatment and Heart of the Ocean Ritual – Source Marine Ritual adapted to iBeauty, form the perfect cure for prolonging the results over time.

iBeauty -  Hydration Corrector

Below are listed iBeauty Hydration Corrector treatment steps:

– Deep Cleansing Peel: This involves using the new generation, low frequency Ultrasound Spatula to achieve in-depth exfoliation, which effectively cleanses and purifies the skin. A professional Thalgo Peeling Solution has been specifically formulated with acids for dual mechanical and chemical cleaning for more effective results.

– Drainage, Infusion, Stimulation: This involves using the Sequential Ultrasound attachments, which generate evolving vibration waves to both detoxify to reactivate cellular metabolism and infuse the active ingredients of the products for improved absorption and increased cell regeneration. During this treatment we will use the following Thalgo products, formulated specifically for the iBeauty machine:

iPure – This is a Hyaluronic Acid-based renewal treatment able to purify and balance all skin types

iHydrate – This is a Hyaluronic Acid-based rehydrating treatment that deeply oxygenates and remineralizes the skin

Both products will travel into the heart of the cells, while the encapsulated oxygen will restore skin to its original clarity. Ultrasound technology restores the skin’s natural hydration reflexes.

iBEAUTY device – Contraindications