Thalgo Laboratories has launched its first professional cosmeceutical products.

It’s a move the industry has been waiting for with baited breath. Iconic skincare line, Thalgo has launched its first professional cosmeceutical products.

Developed by two world-renowned dermatologists, based on the principle of mesotherapy, the new line, M-Ceutic, was designed with beauty therapists in mind, offering a professional treatment and a prescriptive homecare products.

Featuring Mesolift Marine, a bio-regenerative infusion aimed at boosting cell metabolism to preserve the skin’s youthful appearance, and Neo Skin, a complex used to correct severe imperfections and deep irregularities and to reconstruct optimal skin quality, the M-Ceutic line is underscored by Thalgo’s marine-centred ingredient philosophy, with a potent combination of algae extracts.

An all-in-one solution, the products targets surface irregularities, dullness, blemishes and scars, pore size, skin texture, ageing concerns and even acne.

Renovation Radicale Beauty Treatment

The new line also includes a specialized treatment rproducts, M-Ceutic Renovation Radicale Beauty Treatment, which features three therapeutic steps.

Step 1: Renovating Peel

Eliminates dead cells, erases skin irregularities, eliminates the accumulation of keratin and encourages skin to regenerate without blemishes.

Begins with a detailed diagnosis of parameters which influence  quality and physiological balance of the skin. Determines three grades of severity of skin blemishes and irregularities to correct. M-ceutic Professional Peeling: key step in skin renovation and regeneration. Prescribed with therapeutic pH levels, composes three strengths of peel suitable for the grades of severity defined:

~ Salicylic Acid – unclogs pores and refines the skin texture.

~ Stabilised Ascorbic Acid – exfoliates upper layers of epidermis

~ Malic Acid – destabilises intercellular links to encourage
exfoliation of corneocytes.

M-ceutic Renovation Radicale Peel: eliminates dead cells, erases irregularities of the microrelief, eliminates accumulations of keratin and forces the skin to regenerate without blemishes.

Step 2: Bio-Regenerative Infusion

  • Detoxifies and re-oxygenates tissues deep down. Cell respiration is boosted, optimising the potential of skin energy and metabolism.
  • Regenerates cell metabolism, vitality and youth by injecting Patented Pure Marine Mesolift. A draining massage, along with digito-pressure points, boosts skin detoxification and stimulation.

Step 3: Corrective Intervention

Professional Serum Mask combined with powerful dermatological keratolytic active ingredients, controls sebocyte to correct resistant blemishes and irregularities. It resurfaces and exfoliates the skin microrelief for young, restructured and perfectly smooth epidermis.
Finishes with the application of the Cream-Serum Resurfacer and an SPF50+ cream to prolong the efficacy of the product and protect skin from UV rays.

Performance Certified by a Dermatologist

Significant improvement of the skin microrelief and scarring is measured by biometric analysis:

  • After 4 treatments, significant improvement in skin texture +9%
  • After 6 treatments, significant improvement in skin roughness -14.8%

The dermatologist confirmed, with clinical examinations, the results obtained by biometric measures:

  • Reduction in surface irregularities
  • A clearer and brighter complexion
  • A reduction in marks and scars
  • Tighter pores and a finer skin texture.

* The efficacy of MCEUTIC RÉNOVATION RADICALE PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT was the subject of a study under dermatological control conducted on 16 volunteers, aged between 40 and 50 and showing grade 3 blemishes and irregularities (oily skin, irregular skin, thick skin, visible and deep post-acne marks, pigment scarring, opaque complexion, very dilated pores, redness). This study took place for 6 weeks, with one professional treatment per week and analyses of digital photographs by VISIA-CR and dermatological evaluations.

To learn more about the range, check out this video.

Renovation Radicale Prescriptive Homecare Products

Thalgo M-Ceutic Display