Pedicure season is officially here!

How to keep your pedicure looking great until your next appointment

Pedicure season is officially here! While we recommend that our clients come in once every 4 weeks for a pedicure, around week 3 most people notice that their feet aren’t looking the greatest, but aren’t quite ready for their next appointment either. We often get asked for ways our clients can keep their pedicure looking great until their next appointment rolls around.

1)      First and foremost, avoid wearing socks or closed-toes shoes for at least 8 hours after your pedicure. While polish usually feels completely dry 1 hour after your treatment, the bottom layers of polish aren’t completely set until 8 hours afterwards.

2)      If you usually get the same color (or alternate between several colors), ask us to order you your own bottle so you can bring it with you to the spa. Doing this means that you have the exact color we’ve applied with you at home for touch-ups, and also ensures that no thinners are added to the polish, allowing it to apply more evenly and adhere to your nail even better.  We carry a large selection of O.P.I polishes, from new collections and their classics and can easily get you your very own bottle of your favourite shade.

3)       Touch- up your top coat. Your top coat is your first line of defense against chipping your polish and will slowly begin to wear down after leaving the spa. Applying new top coat every 3-4 days, sealing the free edge of your nail, will ensure that your polish remains neat and fresh. Our top coat of choice? Seche Vite the world’s finest top coat.

4)      Apply cuticle oil daily. Applying cuticle oil around the frame of your nail protects against dry skin and hangnails but also seals in your polish and prevents it from chipping.  We’ve used and carried Duri nail treatment products for years, and absolutely love and recommend their quick dry oil as an inexpensive and easy way to keep your pedicures (and manicures) looking great.

5)      After you’re done showering, use a simple, wooden foot paddle to remove access dry skin that’s built up around your heels. Summer means cute sandals and flats, which look great but often mean dry skin and callus build-up. After a shower, your skin is softer and removing dead skin is easier. Our foot paddles are double-sided, with one side being rougher than the other. We’ve carried a variety over the years and they usually range in price from $5-$10.

6)      Once you’ve used a wooden foot paddle to remove excess dry skin, apply a moisturizing product. If you’re going to bed, apply Gehwol’s Salve for Cracked Skin to cracked/dry areas ONLY and then put on a pair of socks. Or, if you’re looking for something less greasey in texture, or this is part of your morning routine, Beata recommends one of the Footlogix mousses. They have an extensive line, filled with products to treat almost any foot condition.

7)      Things to avoid, if possible: Chlorine (as it eats away at your polish) and synthetic fragrance (such as strong perfumes found in creams).

What pedicure-prolonging practises do you follow? What works well for you? What doesn’t? We’d love to hear from you.

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