Safe Pedicure Procedures

In our earlier post, we outlined some of the dangers of not having your pedicure done at a sanitary spa, or a spa that does not follow sanitation procedures properly. This week, we’ll be answering a question asked by both our regular clients, and new clients looking for a new spa to call home; “What is the sanitation process you use in between pedicure or manicure treatments?”

Our instruments

All of our staff members have been trained to follow the strict disinfection procedures outlined by the Halton Health Board. After each service is completed all instruments that cannot be disinfected such as nail files or buffers are given to our clients, or thrown away. All metal instruments are first washed with soap and water and then placed in Accel CS 20 High Level Disinfectant; for 20 minutes. This high-quality disinfectant has been approved by Halton Health Board for disinfecting medical devices and instruments. All tools are then rinsed, dried and placed in a sterilization pouch, ready to be used on the next client.

When instruments begin to look worn, or aren’t functioning in the best way, new top-of-the-line instruments are purchased in replacement to ensure all our nail care services are done with precision and attention to detail. We also welcome our clients to bring their own tools or products with them if they prefer we use their materials during their services.

Our pipe-less chairs

In our spa we have four very comfortable pedicure chairs with whirlpool baths and pipe-less GeniJet Systems. This pipe-less technology eliminates any bio-film build-up and does not give breeding ground for bacteria growth. After each client, our pedicure whirlpool baths are washed, scrubbed, rinsed with clean water and sprayed with Accel Prevention Hydrotherapy. The spray is left to sit for 5 minutes and the tubs are rinsed again with clean water. At the end of each day all whirlpool baths are filled with water and bleach, re-circulated for 10-15 minutes, drained and then rinsed with clean water (see the full procedure here)

Our staff

In keeping with European tradition and precision, we guarantee our services and assure that each of our aestheticians will exceed your expectations.

Each of our aestheticians are licensed, have undergone extensive training and have received additional certifications to provide special services, such as gel nails, for our clients. Check out our Facebook page to get to know our staff a little bit better.

Click here, for a full list of our nail care services and as always, feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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